The Swabia-based fischer group of companies was founded in 1948. The real boom came in the course of the past 26 years under the management of Honorary Professor Senator E.h. mult. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Klaus Fischer with a virtually global sales and production network.

And the family-owned business has its headquarters in Tumlingen, a borough of Waldachtal, about 60 kilometres southwest of Stuttgart.

The fischer group of companies includes 25 businesses, with production sites found in Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and the USA. In 2006, the group's 3,400 employees generated consolidated sales of 493 million Euro, with a growth of 8.0% over the previous year.

What pleases Klaus Fischer, owner and CEO, most is the fact that all three business divisions share in the growth: fischer Fixing Systems (world market leader in anchor engineering), fischer automotive systems (specialising in storage systems for car interiors) and fischertechnik (sophisticated construction toys).

With a view to safeguarding its future international competitiveness and the locations of the fischer group of companies, the company has subscribed to the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) or fischer Process System (fPS), how it is named internally.

The fischer group of companies are aiming for an adaptable and lean company with as little waste as possible and driven by its customers. Customer-driven in this context means nothing less than producing only what has already been sold.

In future, the fischer group of companies will pass on its experiences with the Continuous Improvement Process to its customers and business partners. To do so, fischer established fischer Consulting GmbH, its fourth business division, which started to operate in October 2004.

This new business division is further proof of the understanding of innovation which has gone through enormous changes under the management of Klaus Fischer. For Klaus Fischer the power of innovation is far more than the sum of all their patents. It goes well beyond product development and encompasses all business areas.

This determination to change meets with a high level of acceptance, and not only within the actual company. The public also appreciates this forward-looking and positive approach. It is no accident, after all, that the fischer group of companies finds itself among illustrious names such as Bosch, DaimlerChrysler or Siemens when it comes to the major innovation drivers in Germany.

The permanent striving for better solutions, whether on the level of products or processes, also manifests itself in the company's self-confident corporate slogan: ‘If you're looking for innovation, you'll find fischer.

And Klaus Fischer, with equal confidence, is certain that they will continue to meet its own high standards in future.