Finnleo Saunas Australia  can custom build saunas for indoors or outdoors. They offer three types of sauna packages:

Pre-Fabricated / Modular Saunas

These free standing saunas are factory built. All the components are delivered to the desired location. They can even be relocated in the future.

Custom Built Saunas

These are saunas which are custom built on site into a dedicated space. They are suitable for those who want a permanent model. They are the most popular items in Finnleo’s range.

D.I.Y. Sauna Kits

Finnleo can provide the raw materials and building process to people wanting to build their own saunas.

Most DIY sauna kits include Lining boards, Bench planks, Sauna Door, Accessories, Building procedure Guide, Telephone assistance, Vents, Internal Trims, Sauna Heater, light fitting.