TOPCON has announced a combination of GPS and laser technology that will provide machine control accuracy to within a few millimetres – allowing a single system to control all aspects of an earthmoving project from initial excavation down to final finishing.

Known as “Millimeter-GPS”, the new laser technology provides an enhancement in the vertical measuring precision of realtime kinematics (RTK) GPS. It will be released in Australia in Q4 of 2004.

The new technology, known as LazerZone, can be combined with any Topcon RTK GPS+ system to generate a vertical accuracy to within a few millimetres, compared with the centimetre vertical accuracy of conventional RTK GPS.

Topcon’s LazerZone technology incorporates a zone-beam laser transmitter, the Topcon PZL-1, which sweeps a 600m diameter area with a 10m high “wall” of laser light.

The Topcon PZS-MC receiver unit, fits over the top of the GPS antenna mast fitted to a dozer, grader or other piece of earthmoving equipment. For surveying applications, a PZS-1 sensor can be fitted to a GPS+ Rover pole.

As one receiver can simultaneously handle data from up to four transmitters, the total effective working range is up to 2.4 km.

Whenever the receiver is within the laser zone, the laser provides vertical data to result in millimetre vertical measuring precision.

Millimetre-accurate GPS becomes possible when this LazerZone technology is combined with a Topcon RTK GPS+ system. By connecting a PZS-MC receiver to a GPS receiver mounted on a piece of earthmoving equipment, the system will combine the horizontal measurement precision of RTK GPS+ with millimetre vertical measuring precision.

Applications include high-precision earthworks and construction projects, as well as measuring jobs such as staking and layout, which in the past have usually required optical instrumentation.

The Topcon GPS+ system can be used conventionally without a LazerZone transmitter. This technology will be available as an option for all Topcon GPS+ users in Australia in the near future and can be added at any time.

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