The Melbourne-based F.E.W Waterproofing offers crack injection services for concrete crack repair work.

Structural concrete cracks may be caused by various factors, from weathering and chemical exposure to seismic events. Shrinkage concrete cracks that occur as the concrete cures and a significant amount of water evaporates can continue for many years depending on the thickness of the concrete. Concrete joints are also a weak point, causing cracks.

Cracks, if left unrepaired will allow moisture, salts and other contaminants to penetrate the concrete and further continue the deterioration process. Concrete crack repair may be the only alternative to complete replacement.

F.E.W Waterproofing has the skill, knowledge and training to perform successful concrete repairs using the crack injection process, one of the most effective methods to stop leaks and restore the structural property.

F.E.W Waterproofing uses a wide selection of advanced concrete repair products. Crack injection is performed using epoxy and polyurethane, with the time required for each project depending on crack width and wall thickness among other conditions.

F.E.W Waterproofing offers concrete repair services for precast panel buildings, car parks, walls, floors, foundations, basements, structural concrete, water treatment tanks, expansion joints, movement and stationary cracks, leaking tunnels and construction pits, and facades among others.

F.E.W Waterproofing continues to provide ongoing water detection and crack injection services, maintenance work and surface protection on the Mullum Mullum tunnel and the Eastlink Freeway.