Feltex Commercial has added a new dimension to carpet design with the release of e)scapes, which uses world first technology to give architectural specifiers the freedom to make their mark in project design.

A collection of hardwearing, durable textured loop pile tufted carpets designed for applications such as offices, retail outlets and hospitality venues, e)scapes has a 3D dimensional structure that enables effects to be created that were previously not achievable with carpet. This is achieved by the use of precision technology that enables the accurate placement of the textured loop pile at varying heights across the carpet. The technology, called DifiTuft Precision Technology is currently exclusive to Feltex in Australia and is capable of producing full width texture and geometric designs that have never been seen in tufted carpet construction before.

Digital control systems coupled with individual mechanical controls on every thread enable precise placement of the loop pile at varying heights to form the carpet pattern. When you add colour and design across this 3D structure, designers can achieve an almost limitless range of complex pattern and designs.

Initially Feltex is introducing three ranges, two in pure wool and one in solution-dyed nylon, with more to follow. The wool ranges, getaway and liftoff, are available in eight colour ways, with the former an innnovative, structured, triangular pattern while the latter has a more random pattern in a leafy design. The nylon carpet, breakout, features a square, offset repeat pattern available in eight colours.

A package of e)scapes samples has been produced to assist specifiers including product sample folders for the three ranges, product specification data sheets and carpet samples.

Source: Building Products News.