Distributed by Fasco Australia, the Weiss Home Ventilation System (HVS) is a quiet, compact unit that is mounted in the roof space and supplies dry, filtered air at low pressure into the home under microprocessor control.

Dry air displaces damp, stale air and reduces or eliminates moulds, mildew and musty smells and the HVS also helps filter dust and pollens from the air to improve indoor air quality.

The smart dual microprocessors talk to each other to ensure dried and filtered air is only delivered at the appropriate time and speed - for example, it will not fill the home with hot air on a summer’s day nor frigid air in the dead of a winter’s night.

In a field study by the BRE Environmental Engineering Centre in the UK, systems like the HVS were found to reduce relative humidity levels and decrease heating energy usage by five to ten percent, simply because drier air is easier to heat and the HVS system ensures more than even heat distribution. The HVS itself costs no more than 20 cents a day to run. It comes in single and dual outlet versions.

Source: Building Products News.