Vitracore G2, Australia's leading 'deemed-to-satisfy' non-combustible aluminium composite cladding from Fairview is compliant with the BCA 2016 Amendment One introduced recently by the ABCB.

According to Fairview Technical Director, Ashley How, Amendment One has moved the bonded laminates clause C1.12 (f) to C.9 (e) (vi) clarifying that the lamina is required to be non-combustible. The clarification of this clause in the words of the ABCB was made to ‘prevent the incorrect interpretation that the concession could be applied to ACPs with a combustible core’. This means Vitracore G2 remains fully compliant under the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the amendment, tested both as components and also as a complete panel as required by the clause.

Among the other changes, the amendment also includes a new verification method VM3, incorporating large scale testing to AS5113. Vitracore G2 has performed very well when tested to this standard, passing all critical flame spread and temperature criteria. As expected, the panel did not achieve the debris criteria due to the temperature of the fire being much hotter than the melting point of aluminium. To Fairview’s knowledge, no current ACM panel has or would satisfy all criteria of AS5113.

Vitracore G2 is the only ACP in Australia to meet the testing standards AS 1530.1 and AS 1503.3, and hence, the safest ACP available for use. Vitracore G2 has also undergone and passed full scale façade testing as per BS8414 and BRE 135, and AS5113 (excluding the debris requirements), all tests being conducted at Exova Warringtonfire, Dandenong.

Additionally, the demonstrated performance of Vitracore G2 provides further confidence and security for architects, builders, certifiers, installers and any other parties involved in the Chain of Supply.

Fairview welcomes any code or regulatory upgrades that help protect infrastructure and peoples’ lives.