With the world going into lockdown, concerns have been expressed about the current situation impacting the availability of compliant cladding in Australia.

Fairview is alleviating Coronavirus-driven stockholding shortages of compliant cladding sourced from East Asia by boosting the extent and capability of their manufacturing network. While industry reports indicate that some providers could be running perilously low on primary finish stocks of cladding, Fairview’s large stockholding and extended supply partnerships with quality manufacturers from southwest Asia and Europe provide security of cladding supply for re-clad projects.

Fairview’s risk team had identified single-origin/ China sourcing as a potential industry concern some time ago. The ISO 9001 compliant European supply has been manufacturing high-quality product for Fairview’s UK partners for several years.

“As a sector leader, Fairview has invested in a large stockholding of compliant cladding as supply surety is a priority for re-clad requirements,” Fairview CEO Greg Stewart said.

Continuing their focus on product quality, consistency and compliance, Fairview has taken every measure to ensure strict specification and certification mandatories have been met. This includes engaging the global testing and quality assurance organisation UL to undertake third party quality assurance auditing.

With their expanded manufacturing and production base eliminating concerns over the supply of compliant cladding, Fairview is now set to further boost their existing 200,000m² local warehouse stockholding, which is already the largest in Australia.