Fairview prioritises the safety of their products as well as the safety of the public. With fire compliance and safety of cladding products being a major focus in the Australian construction industry, Fairview highlights their leading Deemed-to-Satisfy (DtS) bonded aluminium panel, Vitracore G2, which has passed multiple tests for compliance.

Deemed-non-combustible to BCA 2019

This is in compliance with Clause C1.9(e)(vii) of the National Construction Code, specifically relating to the use of bonded and laminated products wherever a non-combustible material is required:

  • each lamina, including any core, is non-combustible;
  • each adhesive layer does not exceed 1mm in thickness and the total thickness of the adhesive layers does not exceed 2mm; and,
  • the Spread-of-Flame Index and the Smoke-Developed Index of the bonded laminated material as a whole do not exceed 0 and 3 respectively.

Earlier this year as part of the ABCB’s 2019 Code Review, it was determined that the DtS non-combustible clause C1.9(e)(vii) for bonded and laminated materials would remain in the NCC 2019, meaning that Vitracore G2 retains its deemed-non-combustible status and multiple paths to compliance.

Tested to AS5113

Vitracore G2 was tested to AS5113 and safely met the various temperature criteria for prevention of flame spread. As expected for many varied and popular facade materials, the debris criteria for AS5113 was not met.

Tested to BS8414 and BR135

This is the current, globally recognised standard for full-scale cladding facade tests and Vitracore G2 has successfully met these requirements as conducted by one of the world’s leading independent authorities, Warringtonfire.

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