Preventing rainwater from entering buildings during construction is an ongoing issue, though a more sinister concern is managing condensation. A build-up of water in walls can occur easily when humidity, ventilation and temperatures combine, resulting in black mould forming, which is a serious health risk for the inhabitants.  Moreover, it also causes poor insulation and corrosion of steel thereby causing decay to the building structure.

As a preventative measure, the NCC 2019 has been revised, now including Condensation Management requiring compliance measures to minimise the risks associated with water vapour and condensation and their impact on the health of occupants. 

Modelling of the wall system performance, drained cavities and vapour permeable building membranes are some of the ways to achieve compliance with the NCC2019 changes.

There are several ways to manage condensation however this is dependent on building use and location, though the use of vapour penetrable building membrane is ideal. This method basically means that the insulation and the lining in the walls are made of such a material that it allows vapour to disperse. In fact, the vapour flows into the cladding cavity so that the walls remain dry. It’s like a raincoat for your home, it allows sweat to disperse rather than building up.

Siniat Weather Defence is a proven as a non-combustible vapour permeable system featuring an external gypsum sheathing board. Being waterproof and mould resistant, the Siniat Weather Defence is breathable allowing vapour to escape, just like a breather membrane, while also making the building watertight at early stages for internal trades.

The Siniat Weather Defence Advantage:

  • Gypsum is a multifaceted medium – it is lightweight, easy to build in and suits most home exteriors
  • Gypsum has much higher KPA’s compared to regular breather membranes.
  • It is considered to be fireproof to C1.9e (i) and (iii), it abides by both NCC 2016, Amendment 1 and NCC 2019.
  • The gypsum board allows shorter project timelines because the board can be installed much earlier since it can be exposed for up to a year before cladding.

Let your walls breathe easy with Siniat Weather Defence. To find out more about how Siniat Weather Defence can work for your construction projects contact Fairview today via the contact form above, or select one of the enquiry options below.