What a guest experiences in the first few moments of entering a hotel’s lobby will establish the first impression that will last a long time. Several elements contribute to this ‘first impression’ ranging from personal interactions with staff to the decor and the overall ambience.

Since the lobby is the first thing guests see when they enter through the doors, it’s up to the hotel to make the best first impression possible. It’s important to create a relaxing, comfortable and luxurious environment with the ambience playing a major role in influencing the guests as they wait to get checked in.

Here are some great ways to create a relaxing hotel lobby.

Avoid overhead lighting

The lobby design should factor in lighting by focussing on creating a relaxing vibe. Avoiding overhead lights, which can be too bright and direct, is one way to make a guest feel comfortable. If overhead lighting can’t be avoided for some reason, use low wattage bulbs or have them on a dimmer. Dim lighting with table lamps or other indirect lighting will create more of a relaxing environment.

Incorporate greenery

Imagine having a lush green wall to look at as you wait for your check-in formalities to be completed! Most hotels rely on fake garden walls and artificial plants as a way to incorporate nature in the lobby. Fake plants minimise maintenance and still look green and healthy for a long time effortlessly without any fear of the plants wilting or dying out.

Use soft music and running waterfalls

Sensory elements such as soft music and slow running water create a subliminal relaxing environment that will be enjoyed by hotel guests. Position a hanging wall garden near a waterfall to create the ultimate tranquil scene. Calming music accompanying the slow flow of a waterfall can be very relaxing for guests.

Evergreen Walls can create the perfect relaxing environment for hotel lobbies with solutions ranging from fake garden walls to any type of greenery.