Artificial hedges offer the quickest way to spruce up your outdoors, especially when you need to cover up dull fences, transform your pool area with feature walls and turn boring spaces into something beautiful.

Artificial hedges do much more than look pretty around your house; they are ideal for creating borders and increasing privacy while being long-lasting and requiring very little maintenance.

1. Minimal maintenance

In comparison to natural hedges, artificial hedges for the outdoors require absolutely minimal maintenance. With no irrigation needed, these hedges present an excellent water-saving alternative to real hedges. When neglected, real hedges develop brown patches – this will never happen with an artificial hedge, which will maintain its greenery and denseness all year round.

2. Instant hedge walls

Real hedges need time to grow and take shape, a process that also involves continuous care and maintenance over many years. Artificial hedges are installed within a matter of hours in stark contrast. Hedge walls from Evergreen Walls offer a practical alternative to real hedges, providing instant privacy and boundary solutions with all the charm of lush greenery.

3. Long-lasting foliage

Most of Evergreen Walls’ products, including the Evergreen Premium and Classic Boxwood are UV stable and warranty-covered for four years. They’re the perfect foliage to create a natural looking, realistic outdoor hedge wall with no risk of damage.

4. Aesthetic appeal

A low maintenance fence can resolve your privacy issues but leaves you with very little room to improve the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. However, you can dress up the bland fencing with artificial hedge panels from Evergreen Walls. Courtyards and backyards can often be scarce in greenery but adding artificial hedges wherever possible can really create a beautiful visual impact. Where space is limited and lighting a bit dark, green panels have the ability to bring the area to life, making small spaces look larger rather than confined.

5. Fully customisable 

Artificial hedges can be as tall or as short as you desire unlike real hedges that can be limited in their growth. Artificial hedge walls offer the perfect privacy solution for your home. Using anchorage points on fences and walls, these green panels can be fixed to create a custom hedge. The best thing about an artificial green wall is the flexibility to switch around the panels to create a new look when you get tired of the hedge’s appearance.

6. Location versatility

Exposure to sunlight is an important factor for real hedges to grow healthy. One should also be able to maintain these hedges easily, especially when planted in difficult-to-reach spaces such as narrow areas between houses and fences. A dreary-looking hedge can dampen the appeal. This is why an artificial hedge is the perfect alternative to conventional natural hedges. Artificial hedges can be professionally installed anywhere, regardless of tight and narrow spaces or sunlight exposure.