Polycarbonate panels from Everbright Roofing Systems were used to create a large translucent canopy at the Christ Church Grammar School - S Block on Queenslea Drive, Claremont in Perth, WA.

Project architects Donaldson & Warn specified Everbright E610 Clear 74mm polycarbonate panels for the canopy. The project comprised of three multiple mono pitched Everbright E610 translucent areas with large spans and a vertical translucent wall. The Everbright panels were set at a 5-degree pitch, with large panel lengths of 16.5m x 11m and 8.5m x 18m. The vertical wall measured 2.4m L x 20m W. The Everbright panels incorporated locking systems LS2.2 and LS1, and covered a total area of 383m².

The design brief for this development was for a modern looking translucent product that could minimise structural requirements, was fully trafficable and had a long life span. The product also needed to be self-cleaning and impact resistant with superior thermal and acoustic performance characteristics. Rapid construction was another key requirement to minimise disruption to the school.

The Everbright E610's increased free span capabilities made it an excellent choice for the project. One of the strongest translucent materials available in the world today, the polycarbonate system will not break in the unlikely event of students climbing on the roof or even falling from a substantial height. The installation was completed in three days.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, Everbright E610 polycarbonate panels provide a clean modern look and a comfortable environment for staff and students at the school, with the translucent cover allowing natural light inside.

Everbright E610 Clear panels were chosen due to the 73% light transmission for visible light. Installation is quick since the panels only need to be joined every 600mm on site.

Everbright polycarbonate panels allow a seamless and continuous line with no steel framework to spoil the visual effect thanks to its integral locking bars. 

Everbright’s polycarbonate roofing system is made from Bayer’s Makrolon 1243 material and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. The panels have a life expectancy in excess of 35 years and an excellent safety factor. All loading criteria are based on 0.75kN/m² and a 50% safety factor as part of standard specification.

Key advantages of Everbright E610 polycarbonate panels include rapid installation, superior free span, strong translucent material, 100% fully trafficable, impact resistance, intruder resistance, cyclone rated, superior thermal/ acoustic performance, long lifespan, coextruded UV protection layer, Australian manufactured, unique jointing arrangement, self-cleaning dome shape, and light weight.