Nothing can compare with natural stone when it comes to beauty and individuality. In a market overflowing with manmade materials and composites, natural stone stands out for the striking aesthetic and durable value added to the end application.

No two natural stone slabs are alike, which means every installation will have its unique charm. There are many natural stone options when it comes to a countertop installation. Certain types of stone may be more suited to the application than others.

Below are some of the most popular natural stones for kitchen and bathroom countertops:


Marble is the benchmark of beauty and class when it comes to natural stone. The stunning ‘veining’ on a marble surface makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom benchtops in both residential and commercial environments. However, marble is a porous material so it should be installed with care and by following professional sealing and maintenance recommendations, especially when used in areas such as kitchen countertops, which will be exposed to stains.


A highly popular material for countertops, especially in kitchens, granite is known for its durability, strength and beautiful, lasting finish. Pure granite has a beautiful grain structure with contrasting dark and light colours, which become even more enhanced when a finish is applied. Earth tones such as tan, grey, taupe, blue-grey, brown, yellow-gold and off-white are popular choices for granite countertops.


Limestone is usually favoured in a countertop application for its rustic old-world look along with its neutral colour palette. Limestone is less robust than harder stones such as granite, and needs more careful treatment and maintenance. Limestone may be better suited to a bathroom countertop than the kitchen.


When you seek a luxurious vibe in your home or business, onyx is an excellent choice. This striking and rare natural stone will add a real wow factor to the application with its beautiful tones brightening up the entire room. However, onyx is a rather delicate stone so it’s better to use it for decorative or low-use countertops rather than in a busy kitchen. Like any soft and porous stone, strict sealing and maintenance processes must be in place with an onyx countertop.

These are just a few design ideas you can consider when using natural stone for your bathroom or kitchen countertop application. Consult with Euro Marble to get expert advice on natural stone for your commercial or residential project.