Eskydeck is a stay in place formwork system for casting one way ribbed slabs. One of many ribbed slab formwork systems available, Eskydeck offers all known advantages such as savings on weight and materials, long span capabilities, and simple penetrations between ribs. More importantly, Eskydeck eliminates the complexity that this system is known for by providing simple formwork while also combining acoustical and thermal properties often required in today’s projects.

Conventional suspended slab systems using removable formwork require additional operations to obtain Eskydeck’s capabilities. Developers can achieve greater floor to floor heights using the Eskydeck system compared to flat slab systems. Floor to floor heights using Eskydeck can most often be maintained even with the increased depth of the system because dropped ceilings are not required. Most utilities and ductwork fit within the void space between the ribs. The beam form with 70mm EPS (expanded polystyrene) below every rib providing acoustical and thermal break between floors also provides space for plumbing or electrical lines to cross from space to space.

In use for centuries, ribbed slabs are suitable for medium to heavy loads, can span reasonable distances, and are very stiff, minimising deflections. The Eskydeck system meets the requirements of a proven ribbed slab design for increased structural capacities allowed for in most codes. It can also be engineered as T-beams.

The cost of the Eskydeck formwork is offset by the reduced quantity of concrete and steel needed as well as temporary support requirements. Additional savings can be realised by the reduction in overall weight, which decreases support wall, column and beam requirements as well as the entire footing of a building. The stay in place formwork also saves the time and labour needed to remove temporary formwork and install thermal and acoustical insulations, resulting in faster project schedules.

Eskydeck has capabilities not found in other ribbed slab formwork systems. With its component based system, Eskydeck allows for changes in slab depths and heights by changing panel sizes, thereby simplifying and speeding up the forming of dropped areas or step downs. The use of block out forms makes it possible to form edge beams and flush beams with minimal additional materials. Being lightweight, the components don’t require cranes or lifts for installation, further reducing costs. All components can be cut to size on site when needed, eliminating delays caused by waiting for as-built measurements or changes to projects under construction.

Eskydeck can be fitted easily to angles, curves and cantilevers. The installation of the beam forms before any bearers or props makes temporary support installation faster. The beam forms take the place of the joists used in flat slab systems leaving only cross bearers and props for temporary support. Once the beam forms are installed and supported, the panels and reinforcement can be installed from the topside.

Eskydeck is one of the few ribbed slab systems that can be poured in two separate operations. Most of the structural requirements are provided by the beam section of the formwork. The placement of the concrete in the beams (often done at the same time as the support walls are poured) can be done by the same workers pouring the walls. It is not necessary to schedule sub trades to rough-in electrical or plumbing before the project can move forward. The Eskydeck formwork provides a safe work platform to continue construction of the next level. Slab placement can be done at a later date after all sub trade rough-ins are completed and often without reinstallation of temporary support props. Eskydeck can also be placed in a single pour as with other systems.

The components of the Eskydeck system are manufactured from 100% recyclable products. EPS (expanded polystyrene) is an inert closed cell expanded polystyrene insulation material with excellent thermal and low moisture absorption properties, and will never rot, or support mould and mildew. EPS is not a food source for termites and other vermin. One of the few foam plastic insulations available that contains no CFCs, HCFCs or other refrigerant gases, EPS is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, and will not irritate sensitive skin on exposure. EPS contains only air and is not subject to degradation over time. Eskydeck uses only certified EPS manufacturers meeting Australian Standards requirements. The metal beam jacket is also fabricated and provided by certified manufacturers also meeting Australian Standards requirements.

Marketed in Australia under the Eskydeck name, it is available in most parts of the world under the Fortruss brand name. The ever expanding product line of Fortruss is also made available to Eskydeck in Australia. Eskydeck manufactures all products and components in Australia.