Era Polymers has joined forces with Klingstone USA to bring the Permanent Bunker Solution to Australia.First used in 1997 for golf course bunkers, Klingstone eliminates the need to replace fabric liners.

Klingstone is a single component polyurethane essentially glues soil and sand in a bunker together, permanently binding and stabilising the materials.

Klingstone polyurethane is ideal for use with golf course bunkers that are under construction or renovation. It will help to maintain bunker consistency while also helping to reduce maintenance and bunker contamination.

Easy to apply, this single component polyurethane prevents side wall erosion, reduces drainage contamination and improved aesthetics. Klingstone polyurethane offers a durable and cost effective solution to bunker maintenance.

Era Polymers manufactures Klingstone under licence in Australia, which mean local delivery times are possible.