Spiral Staircases designed by Enzie Stairs are available in different finishes and metallic colours. They have handrails for safety. Anti skid treatment on the tread of these stairs prevents slipping. Enzie Stairs has introduced various models of spiral stairs, including the H series, S series and Enfold series. Enfold staircases manufactured by Enzie Stairs have a broad perforated aluminium ribbon wrapped around the structure which forms a balustrade.

H series spiral stairs feature a handrail 866mm above the nosing of the stair, while the balcony railing is about 1000 mm above the floor. Balusters placed on the balcony railings are spaced at about 125mm. These stairs are available in various diameters.

S series spiral stairs have been introduced recently by Enzie Stairs. Here the handrail is 966 mm above the nosing of the stairs, while the balcony railing is 1100 mm above the floor. Enfold series resembles H series, except for the fact that Enfold stairs are fully enclosed with glass or aluminium.

A variety of staircase optional extras like aluminium and glass balustrades, aluminium inserts, timber overlays and gates are also provided by Enzie Stairs.