Enware Australia presents a versatile No-Touch range of electronic tapware featuring mains powered as well as long-lasting battery operated sensor taps.

Manufactured by one of the world's premium manufacturers of touchless washbasin tapware, the No-Touch sensor taps incorporate auto-focus infrared sensing technology with triangulation for a more consistent, reliable operation.

Enware’s sensor taps feature Intelligent Activation and After-Flow technology for enhanced user-friendly operation; low power consumption; vandal-resistant dual point fixings; IP67 rated protection against water and humidity for electronics; single temperature and mixing options; and mains and battery models.

Enware Series

Enware Series

Enware Series - various sensor locations, orientations and spout lengths and angles

The Enmatic range of wall taps includes sensor activated on-demand, touch activated time flow or wave on-wave off systems.

The Enmatic Wave On-Wave Off range combines the hygiene of no-touch operation with greater control for the user to shut off when water flow is no longer required.

Time Flow and Sensor Activations feature hygienic hands-free shut-off with the advantage of reducing water wastage through on demand or controlled time flow.

Key features also include 24V mains powered operation; infrared sensor or piezo touch button control options; and adjustable timing settings on touch button models.

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Viva Series


Perfect for retrofitting out traditional taps in a highly focused hand hygiene world

The stylishly designed Viva Series is built for frequently used public bathroom environments. The compact Viva touchless washbasin tap is supplied as a single temperature model by default but contains an additional inlet hose and temperature adjustment lever for easy conversion to a mixer if desired.

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Electra Series - Wall Mounted


Electra - Wall Mounted Spout - Available with long lasting battery or mains powered

High in quality and easy to use, this wall mounted tap provides an excellent alternative to the basin mounted range. All serviceable parts are easily accessible in front of the wall. The battery is located internally behind the sensor and all electronics have IP67 rated protection.

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Electra Gooseneck Series

Electra Gooseneck

Electra Goosenecks give a long reach and plenty of space for washing

Featuring a high quality design along with ease of use, the Electra Gooseneck Series is a perfect choice for all commercial 'hands-free' washroom applications, especially when a higher and longer spout is desired. The small lever on the side allows users to adjust the temperature of the water, providing a more versatile sensor activated solution for bathrooms. A single temperature model is also available.

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