A hand hygiene management system designed by Enware Australia in collaboration with a team led by Monash University researchers has won gold at Good Design Awards 2021.

Commissioned by Enware Australia and the Australian Government, the hand hygiene management system is designed in Australia by the Enware Research and Design Team along with Monash University: Design Health Collab, Monash Health - Clinical Service Clayton, Monash University - Electrical and Data Engineering, and Oracle Healthcare Research Team to provide a bespoke hand hygiene solution for improved healthcare and encourage positive behaviour change through design.

“Hand hygiene is critical in preventing hospital acquired infection. Through human-centred design we have taken a holistic approach to redesigning hand hygiene safety. The Hand Hygiene Management System assists healthcare facilities’ transition from enforced and indiscernible hand hygiene compliance to one where sustainable hand hygiene behaviour is second-nature,” the design statement said.

Watch the Enware hand hygiene management system’s development story.