Those wanting to incorporate metal doors as a finishing touch to their design project have probably been put off because the weight, cost or restrictions of sheet metal have limited their creativity. This is now a problem of the past due to Metalcote liquid finish.

Available from Empradoor , the Metalcote finish can be adhered to a wide range of contours, essentially creating a metal ‘skin’. Doors with routed or ‘cricket bat’ detail can now be finished in metal, achieving a look that was previously uattainable.

As well as increased flexibility, the comparative weight of the Metalcote application means that a door finished with the product remains light and easy to manoeuvre, requiring no additional reinforcements which would normally be required for a solid or sheet metal door. A wide range of rusts and patinas can be applied across a variety of metals, including bronze, brass, alloy and copper.

The nature of the Metalcote application means that the finish selected for the door can be applied through other elements of the interior design including floor tiles, shop fittings and furniture items.

Source: Building Products News.