Lightweight construction specialist Empower Construction supplies a new range of polystyrene cladding panels designed to speed up installation while delivering excellent functional benefits.

Polystyrene is increasingly being used in construction with the lightweight material quickly gaining popularity in applications involving walls and trims. Ideal for residential and commercial constructions, expanded polystyrene foam is used as a cladding system and is available in panel form for use in external walls, profiles and moulds.

Lightweight yet extremely strong once rendered, polystyrene offers high insulation and thermal properties, and termite resistance and fire retardant capabilities. The lightweight product allows easy handling and quick installation in cladding applications.

Empower Construction supplies and installs the Exsulite thermal facade system by Dulux AcraTex.

Ryan Steyn, Managing Director of Empower Construction says the Exsulite system offers high quality, strength and durability, and has impressed their clients with the end result.

Made from high quality expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) that display excellent insulation values (R4-R7), Exsulite panels, once rendered, create a weatherproof barrier that delivers superior thermal performance and structural integrity.

The high flexibility offered by Exsulite thermal facade system allows it to be fixed to steel, timber or masonry surfaces; the system is also adaptable to practically any shape, size or application, providing endless design opportunities. The cladding is more thermally efficient in comparison with other insulation materials because it’s installed on the outside of the frame so the wall cavity doesn’t get as hot in summer or as cool in winter.

The high insulation values of the Exsulite system can, over time, potentially save money on energy costs while slimline walls allow for more internal space.

The Exsulite thermal facade system facilitates reduced construction times through quick installation, allowing builders to deliver the property ahead of schedule. By using a trained and registered Exsulite installer such as Empower Construction, the builder or homeowner is covered by the Dulux AcraTex Exsulite system warranty for peace of mind.