The different PVC machinery products offered by Elumatec Australia include saws, milling machines, profile machining centres, corner cleaning machines, welding machines, welding production lines, corner cleaning production lines, reinforcement screwdriver systems, profile bending machines, assembly equipment and measuring systems.

The two varieties of welding machines are single head welding machines and multi head welding machines. Single head welding machine has a heated weld-bead restriction knives with a possibility of welding cross and transoms in different angles. It is a combined head suiting all welding angles between 30 and 180 degrees. Multi head welding machine heads can be moved in the lateral axis and can be pivoted inwards for H-welding.

Assembly equipment products provided by Elumatec Australia include transport trolleys, assembly table, sash assembly centre and checking and glazing units. Profile machining centre are available in different models namely SBZ 122/20, SBZ 122/30, SBZ 130, SBZ 608/14, SBZ 608/19 and SBZ 610. SBZ 122/20 machining centre consists of three sides’ process for automatic door manufacturing with single or multiple locks. A stationey turning device allows the adjustment of rotating angle head from 0 and 180 degrees.