Several key trends have emerged that impact the Australian design and construction industry, including increased construction costs, stricter building regulation and a focus on sustainable design solutions that minimise construction waste and environmental harm. According to a 2019 Australian Financial Review article, a skilled worker shortage and an increase in cost of labour and materials are pushing construction costs up. At the same time, to prevent disasters such as the Lacrosse and Grenfell tower fires, the Australian government is taking aggressive steps to prohibit the use of dangerous building materials. In addition, industry bodies such as the Green Building Council of Australia are lobbying for more sustainable building practices to be mandated by law, reinforcing the growing public concern with the environmental impact of construction activity. 

These trends have put pressure on designers, architects and specifiers to identify design solutions that are versatile, cost-effective and sustainable while still delivering premium aesthetics, performance and functionality. Conventional building solutions that are difficult to use, leading to longer installation times, increased labour costs and excessive energy consumption, are no longer enough in today’s cost-conscious market. 

This pressure extends to designing and specifying for building interiors. Innovative design solutions that deliver on multiple fronts, including design, performance, environmental and economic benefits, while providing an efficient path to compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), will become the preferred choice going forward. 

Produced from high quality timber veneer, WoodWall from Elton Group is a flexible interior wall and ceiling finish that meets these rigorous demands. Applied directly onto plaster or plasterboard, eliminating the requirement for heavy substrate such as medium density fibreboard, WoodWall is an easy-to-use, less costly alternative to traditional veneered panelling. WoodWall can also be applied to metal, plastic or other impermeable surfaces. Suitable for residential and commercial applications, WoodWall can be used in many different contexts, including hospitality, retail, office and aircraft interiors. 

Offering a high degree of design versatility, WoodWall is ideal not only for walls and ceilings, but also elevators, columns and beams. When wrapped around metal sections, WoodWall can create natural-looking timber beams, fins and other architectural components. With outstanding flexibility, WoodWall can cover radiused and curved surfaces, and can be folded around a 1mm radius in the grain direction to create seam free corners. 

WoodWall is available in 16 Eveneer veneers and a wide range of natural timber veneers, with a large run number of sequenced sheets that assures consistent matching, allowing designers to effortlessly achieve a wide range of modern and classic styles.

WoodWall also offers several practical and economic benefits. Easy to handle, WoodWall can be installed quickly and easily by wall-covering professionals with only the standard wall-covering tools. WoodWall’s streamlined installation results in minimal site disturbance and reduces the costs associated with installation time, labour resources and equipment. 

Sourced and manufactured responsibly, WoodWall environmental credentials are significant. Eveneer veneers are Forest Stewardship Council certified, meaning they are sourced from sustainably-managed forests. During manufacturing, WoodWall also results in up to 300% the yield of conventional veneer slicing, saving trees and reducing waste.

Independently tested and certified, WoodWall achieves a Group 1 fire rating under Specification A2.4 of the BCA which covers the fire hazard properties of wall and ceiling linings and coverings.

For over 70 years, Elton Group has been a market leader in the supply of high quality interior architectural products in Australia. All Elton Group products demonstrate a commitment to environmentally sustainable sourcing and manufacturing methods. Made according to Elton Group’s rigorous standards for quality, sustainability and performance, WoodWall is an ideal interior design solution that meets the evolving needs of designers, builders and clients alike.

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