Despite a number of challenges, Australian design and construction is still in a growth period. According to a late-2018 Australian Institute of Building survey, Australia’s leading construction companies are projecting further expansion in major non-residential work from 2019 to 2020. Even though some industry sectors have experienced a downturn, it is expected that higher levels of infrastructure and commercial building work will continue to support the industry.

Against the backdrop of intense industry competition, designers and specifiers must meet client demands for innovation, versatility and premium aesthetics while project schedules and budgets continue to tighten. This challenge extends to designing and specifying interior surfaces and finishing, where elegant, sophisticated yet timeless finishes are highly sought after. Achieving a unique, contemporary interior aesthetic by identifying high quality, one-of-a-kind design solutions is one way for designers to set themselves apart from the competition.

Available in Australia exclusively from Elton Group, Alpi Designer Collections can help designers and specifiers deliver striking, high class interiors with minimal fuss. Made in collaboration with the world’s leading designers, the Alpi Designer Collections are unique wood veneers of the highest quality with distinctive patterns and colours that cannot be found in nature and original chromatic effects not available from other wood veneers on the market.

Alpi Designer Collections includes the Tarsie range which was created in close collaboration with art director, Pierro Lissoni. Using innovative Alpi technology to create an inlay design, Tarsie is a representation of three geometric motifs with a modern twist. Tarsie 1 is a herringbone motif that utilises various hues and colour gradations to create an apparently irregular pattern. Tarsie 2 offers a sleek, minimal two-tone diamond motif. Finally, Tarsie 3 is a classic running pattern based on industrial wood flooring. Each Tarsie variant is available in two colours or tones.

As with other wood veneers from the Alpi Designer Collections, the Tarsie range is ideal for interior surfaces on furnishings and surfaces and facings for interior architecture; hotels; multi-apartment and residential complexes; shops; offices; and public spaces. It is also suitable on windows and door frames; wood panelling; acoustic panelling; interiors for yachts and cruise ships; dashboard surfaces and interior finishing for automobiles; and almost any other object as desired.

These unique, high quality wood veneers are created from Poplar, Lime Wood or Ayous, all of which are sourced responsibly from sustainably-managed forests. This collection is the end product of a special process that involves peeling a log, toning the wood by immersion, then layering the sheets to create a new log. The wood is enhanced through the application of innovative technology and manual skill resulting in infinite varieties and decorative effects at a fraction of the cost of handmade marquetry. Unlike conventional veneers, this product range is free from splits, knots, holes and discolouration ensuring efficient and easy installation. 

Alpi is known for its tight control of the supply and production chain, from the log to the finished product, and the company operates in complete transparency with regards to its environmental and social responsibilities. The Alpi Designer Collections are made from raw materials that are environmentally traceable, sustainable and certified.

For over 70 years, Elton Group has been a market leader in the supply of high quality interior architectural products in Australia. All Elton Group products demonstrate a commitment to environmentally sustainable sourcing and manufacturing methods. Made according to Elton Group’s rigorous standards for quality, sustainability and performance, Alpi Designer Collections is a wood veneer solution that marries quality with high style and innovation.

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