The Australian construction industry remains as competitive as ever and costs of construction are rising. According to a 2019 Australian Financial Review report, an increase in costs of materials and labour are contributing to higher building costs. Alongside these trends, there is growing industry and public concern over the damaging environmental effects of construction waste. The requirements placed on designers, architects and builders have become tougher to satisfy with clients seeking high quality, high performing solutions at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, sustainable design solutions are in high demand as ethical and environmentally-friendly waste management practices gain popularity.

Given these market conditions, designers and architects are seeking design solutions that deliver performance, design flexibility and sustainability. Suitable for a broad range of functional and design applications, timber veneer is one such solution. Timber veneer promotes efficient, sustainable use of raw materials while delivering the versatility that enables a wide range of design possibilities and a myriad of aesthetic styles. 

However, specifying timber veneers can be a challenge. Knowledge about the characteristics of various timber species and their aesthetic and performance profiles is often required and weighed up against practical considerations such as installation, cost and availability.

Eveneer Prefinished polished timber veneers from Elton Group eliminates the guesswork out of timber veneer specification and installation with its high quality, ready-to-use wooden panels produced exclusively from wood species sourced from agricultural plantations and responsibly-managed forests. Eveneer Prefinised is comprised of Eveneer real timber veneer pressed on a high-pressure laminate back and factory finished with a high-performance polish (complete with ultraviolet inhibitors). This range can be used for a variety of applications including wall panelling, joinery, furniture and doors, resulting in a polished timber surface that highlights the wood’s essential character and natural texture.

Eveneer Prefinished is available in large flexible sheets (up to 3050 x 1300mm in size) or as ready-to-use panels pressed on 16, 25 or 32mm E0 moisture-resistant medium density fibreboard, with matching 1mm edging. Giving designers freedom to achieve a variety of modern and classic styles, Eveneer Prefinished comes in an extensive range of colours and finishes, including the new “Touch” finish, a transparent finish that preserves the natural look and feel of the wood.

Free from splits, knots, holes and discolouration typically found in conventional timber veneers, Eveneer is efficient and easy to install. Eveneer panels are even in colour and pattern, guaranteeing consistency between installers and eliminating the need to sequence match panels. Even, consistent panels also ensure future additions are easily matched and damaged panels are replaced with minimal fuss. 

Ready polished with high quality polyurethane and a brushed 3D texture, Eveneer Prefinished can be applied directly to a panel or piece of future without requiring any additional polishing reducing time, transport and labour costs. Eveneer Prefinished is applied similarly to high pressure laminate and protected with a peel-off film and is postformable with a minimum bending radius of 20mm.

Alongside its design benefits and ease-of-use, Eveneer Prefinished has significant environmental benefits. Standard sheet sizes lead to better yield and more efficient material usage, and carefully controlled production methods demonstrate a focused approach to environmental certification. Made exclusively with responsibly-sourced raw materials, Eveneer Prefinished is available with Forest Stewardship Council certification. The Eveneer Prefinished range is also certified E0, one of the lowest formaldehyde emission ratings available. 

For over 70 years, Elton Group has been a market leader in the supply of high quality interior architectural products in Australia. All Elton Group products demonstrate a commitment to environmentally sustainable sourcing and manufacturing methods. Made according to Elton Group’s rigorous standards for quality, sustainability and performance, Eveneer Prefinished polished timber veneer meets the needs of designers, builders and clients alike.

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