In today’s regulatory environment, fire safety has taken centre stage. The concerns awoken by the Lacrosse tower fire (Melbourne, Australia 2014) and Grenfell disaster (London, 2017) have spurred the design and construction industry to take further action. Additionally, with increased pressure from government, there is now greater awareness of the fire safety risks of using non-performing or non-compliant construction products such as combustible cladding, in addition to regulatory powers and penalties to discourage their use. While the Lacrosse and Grenfell fires were traced specifically back to highly flammable cladding - one in troublingly widespread use -  the importance of incorporating fire safety into all components of a project has never been more urgent. 

In Australia, new fire safety laws have given regulators broader powers to identify unsafe building materials and prohibit their use, and builders who knowingly use unsafe materials face more punitive fines. Multi-storey building projects are also becoming more costly in terms of time and resources, and a complex regime of standards, regulations and codes require designers and specifiers to constantly be on their toes. As more high rises are built, the need grows for fire rated solutions that combine design flexibility with uncompromised fire safety performance. 

VersiWall and VersiJack from Elmich, a leading international provider of sustainable building solutions, meets this need by providing designers and specifiers with architectural solutions that deliver outstanding fire safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

VersiWall and VersiJack are both fire rated construction systems designed and manufactured through extensive in-house research and development. Both systems have been rigorously tested by independent third party laboratories and are in full compliance with the relevant standards and fire performance requirements. 

Based on test results, after being exposed to temperatures 360 degrees celcius or higher, VersiWall and VersiJack do not:

  • Burn
  • Emit toxic gases
  • Emit smoke

Made out of fire resistant materials, both products minimise toxicity emissions, smoke density and fire spread. Accordingly, these products can be used for outdoor and indoor applications and satisfy the nationally applicable fire safety regulations. 

Designed to support floors, decks, pavers, beams and bearers, Versijack is highly fire resistant whilst also delivering sound transmission reduction, enhanced heat insulation, and the accessible concealment of services in the subfloor cavity. A cost-effective alternative to brick piers, Versijack offers stable deck support and eliminates the use of bedding sand. This solution can be used in a wide range of scenarios including construction of roof terraces, pedestrian walkways, roof gardens, plaza decks, sun decks, balconies, podium landscapes and verandas, as well as reusable or temporary exhibition flooring.

The company’s vision also lends inspiration to landscape architects and urban planners by tapping into the trend for vertical gardens in city streets and parks, as well as in offices and homes. Versiwall’s wind resistant modular potting green wall and mounting panel creates an easily-installed and eye-soothing green system, ideal for interior and exterior walls, free standing walls and building facades. Utilising mounting frames to minimise wall penetration, the VersiWall system can be easily installed by a single person, saving resource cost and time. Irrigation piping is hidden behind the plants, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing end result. A low maintenance, highly versatile green wall solution, Versiwall gives designers and specifiers a high degree of design flexibility as to mounting, growth media and plating density. 

Established in 1985, Elmich works with a network of partners to supply over 27 countries, offering solutions that are eco-friendly, cost effective and of high quality. Promoting sustainability at each stage of the building lifecycle, Elmich systems support the commitment to green building certification. Preferred by customers across the globe, the company’s approach to product management is based on central coordination and a focus on innovation. Each aspect of the product lifecycle is carefully managed, with strict engineering and testing standards. Elmich products are backed by a 20-year warranty.

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