Time, budget and safety are common challenges for construction projects and special events, especially if the situation calls for creating stable ground and access roads for pedestrian and vehicular access out of difficult terrain, soft soils or to difficult-to-access areas. Legacy ground mats are often used, but as they are made out of materials such as timber, steel or heavy composite, they are costly, difficult to install and carry an increased risk of injury. 

For sites where terrain and ground materials are inherently unstable - grass, sand, gravel and mud, for example - a number of issues can arise:

  • For construction projects, unstable ground will make it difficult for heavy vehicles to pass through or to transport heavy machinery
  • For concerts, stadiums, and sporting arenas, unstable ground poses trip hazards for labourers and pedestrians
  • Unstable ground may constrain vehicle access to parks, access roads, field hospitals, and beaches

Project managers looking for an environmentally safe and cost-effective solution to these issues need look no further than TrackGard, a new robust portable flooring/modular roadway solution from Elmich, a leading international provider of sustainable building solutions.

TrackGard features a modular design fabricated from UV-stabilised virgin HDPE plastic, which delivers durability and stability under almost any type of weather. Modules are waterproof, with effective surface slip resistance, and are built to withstand warping, splintering or corrosion. This enables TrackGard to deliver high performance for a wide range of scenarios especially under the rigorous demands of large scale applications such as construction projects, concerts and sporting events.

This innovative flooring solution enables temporary access and ground protection over unstable surfaces. TrackGard’s rock-solid composition provides ground surface stabilisation and a firm support base for large vehicles and heavy equipment, while also easily supporting pedestrian traffic. Backed on rigorous testing and manufacturing standards, TrackGard can support 5 tonnes per wheel on gravel or sand surfaces and, on a wet surface, 3 tonnes per wheel.

Elmich has utilised a modular design, with interlocking hexagonal tiles that are completely interchangeable and compatible, creating a high-strength honeycomb structure that excels at supporting heavy, mobile loads. Clips, fixings and other moving parts have been eliminated, ensuring TrackGard can be installed quickly and easily, at an hourly rate of approximately 100m2 per person, and without the need of specialised expertise, tools or additional parts. In today’s demanding construction environment, project managers can enjoy the benefits of reduced time requirements and labour costs without sacrificing functionality or performance.

TrackGard can be used with inexpensive geotextile underlays, improving its weight distribution even under heavy loads and preventing unsightly “cookie cutting” (that is, imprinting of the ground surface) with the outline of the modular tiles. Storage and transport  of individual models is made easy with pallets and custom-design cages.

Established in 1985, Emlich has grown with a network of partners to provide coverage to over 27 countries. Setting itself apart from other building products with their commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, Elmich supports sustainability at every phase of the building lifecycle, contributing to green building certification and working closely with specifiers and a technically skilled service network across the construction and landscape industries.

Emlich products are environmentally safe, innovative, cost effective and widely used by customers across the globe. The company’s approach to product management is based on close, central co-ordination and an innovative spirit for design. Each aspect of the product’s life-cycle is carefully managed, with strict engineering and testing standards, as well as a 20-year warranty. This approach has resulted in high quality solutions that are constantly improved to meet the changing needs of the industry.

For more information about Trackgard, visit the Elmich website at: https://elmich.com.au/products/trackgard/