The kitchen is, perhaps, one of the busiest spaces in any home. To turn your time in the kitchen into a pleasant and joyful experience, you need a space that is efficient, functional, organised and visually appealing.  

Electrolux ambassador Anna-Carin McNamara shares her expert tips on how to bring happiness to your kitchen with just a few changes.

Add sentimental items

Add sentimental items

Bring your personality into the kitchen by using open shelving to display artwork and treasured items that bring you joy when you see them. Being in the kitchen will feel like less of a chore when you have these beautiful vignettes to see and enjoy.

Integrate appliances

Integrate appliances

Where possible, integrate appliances to create a seamless look in your kitchen design. If they’re on display, make sure you coordinate with the joinery – it makes a big difference. Since the kitchen is an area you’re likely to be in every day, you will notice the little things.

Make each meal an occasion

Set the table

Always set the table when you eat; don’t save the tablecloth, place mats, candles and flowers for those special occasions when you have guests over. It brings a sense of celebration to every meal, including breakfast, and can help build connections with loved ones and friends you share your living space with.

Never go to bed with a dirty kitchen

Electrolux RealLife XXL fully integrated dishwasher

Scrub the sink every night (and even polish it), so that you can start the next morning with a clean and organised kitchen. There’s nothing worse than waking up and seeing last night’s dinner mess in the sink. The Electrolux RealLife XXL fully integrated dishwasher is larger than most dishwashers, which means you can fit everything in without worrying about handwashing or leaving dirty items for the morning.