Electrolux has addressed consumers’ calls for quiet with the introduction of a new front load washer, the EWF1495 Ultra Silencer.

The Ultra Silencer is one of three new Electrolux Front Load washers that all have a 5A water rating and are equipped with the latest innovative features.

According to director of brand marketing, David Woolbank, “this model is fitted with a state-of-the-art quiet inverter motor and sealed floor section that acts as a sound insulator so you can enjoy a harmonious living environment through a quiet wash”.

Released this month, the EWF1495 contains a large 8kg stainless steel drum.

Electrolux has incorporated the Jet System in the EWF1495 and EWF1090 models. Jet System is a constant, gentle shower that massages the water through the wash which Electrolux believes delivers a superior wash performance.

Allowing better soaking and delivering a more consistent wash, Electrolux Front Loaders sense when the clothes are completely soaked, and automatically adjusts the amount of water according to the size of the load, optimising the use of water.

The practicality of the Electrolux front loader range extends to the addition of a pedestal accessory. By placing the front load washers on the pedestal, the washer is at the right working height eliminating the need to bend down, making it easier to load and unload the machine. The basket provided can be kept in the pedestal and used to receive the fresh laundry, removing the chance of the clean washing falling onto the floor.