If you are looking to change the washing equipment in your in-house laundry, you should consider barrier washers from Electrolux Professional.

Leading the way in innovation, performance and sustainability, Electrolux Professional presents a transformational solution for your commercial laundry requirements with barrier washers that give you the control you need over your laundry, as well as the confidence of guaranteed hygiene, thanks to the barrier system in place.

Barrier washers from Electrolux Professional give you a professional laundry solution that puts hygiene at the forefront. A barrier washer ensures that a clean load of laundry will never come into contact with a dirty load, giving you the hygienic option that you have always been looking for.

How does a barrier washer work?

Whether you are washing linens or uniforms, a barrier washer is designed to prevent cross-contamination. The machine is built into a wall between two different rooms that are connected only by the washer. The soiled washing goes into one room, gets cleaned and is removed from the other.

Therefore, if you are considering a barrier washer, you will need to factor in the space configurations for the washer and the procedures for running it.

Ideal for medical or hospitality environments

A barrier washer is the most appropriate solution for environments where it is imperative that cross-contamination of laundry mustn’t happen. A barrier washer guarantees hygiene and stops micro-organisms from spreading, thereby assisting with infection control – especially in healthcare and hospitality settings.

It uses the Certus Management Information System (CMIS) to trace and control your laundry for the ultimate hygienic solution.

Easy to use and operate

With brilliant performance and the most hygienic options, a barrier washer from Electrolux Professional is still easy to use and operate. It comes complete with an automatic inner drum door opening, which is one of the biggest and lightest doors on the market.

Great for sustainability and cost savings

Electrolux Professional’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the design of the barrier washer, which uses less water thanks to the machine drum design and the efficient dosing system that minimises detergent use.

A reliable machine from a trusted brand

Electrolux Professional designs and manufactures high-performance products for commercial industries to save you time and money. Well-known all across Europe, the brand has been providing specialist laundry equipment for over 100 years.

Purchasing a barrier washer from Electrolux Professional means that you can also benefit from comprehensive maintenance agreements, all of which have been developed using the company’s extensive knowledge and experience, and include access to their customer care global network of 2200 authorised technical experts, as well as 55,000 spare parts, should the need arise.

Choose the most hygienic solution for your laundry today

If hygiene is at the forefront of your business, and you need to avoid cross-contamination, a barrier washer is an ideal solution.