Ekodeck from Ekologix Australia is a new range of composite decking materials designed to eliminate all the drawbacks of early generation composite decking products.

Given the wide choice of decking products in the market, buyers need to carefully consider the available options and match them to their specific decking requirements. Ekologix Australia explains the various features, benefits and disadvantages of traditional composite decking materials to emphasise the distinct differences between early generation composite decking and Ekodeck.

Early generation composite decking

Composite decking products are very popular in the home building segment with several advantages over traditional timber decking choices.

One major benefit of early composite decking materials is that they do not splinter and cause injury to the people using the deck. Homeowners also benefit from the composite decking’s resistance to rotting in exposed environments, eliminating the need to replace any of the boards. Early generation composite decking additionally eliminates the risk of the board breaking apart under their feet when they are walking on them, unlike timber decks.

But there are a few downsides to the first generation of composite decking, which start showing up after a short period of time. Though there is no rotting, early generation composite decking fades over time, and loses its initial good looks.

Another drawback is mould development on the boards, which will eventually require thorough cleaning or worse, replacement. By forcing a replacement, these early generation composite decking products defeat the very purpose of switching to composite materials.


One of the latest generations of composite decking materials, Ekodeck is slightly different in construction, using reclaimed timber and bamboo along with recycled plastics from used HDPE plastic bottles. Designed to be very durable with the assurance of a long lifespan, Ekodeck brings several advantages to a decking installation.

The promise of long-lasting good looks is one of the most important advantages of Ekodeck, with its ability to retain its colour and lustre over time even without any type of oil, paint, or stain on it.

From a functional performance perspective, Ekodeck assures long-term service with its ability to resist rotting and splintering, eliminating any need to replace it ever while preventing injuries to people using the deck.

Ekodeck also offers excellent resistance to the elements; this deck will neither rot nor lose its colour through continued exposure to the outdoors. The boards will also not swell up during the cold weather or lose their shape in high temperatures. There is no worry from mould or mildew either, simplifying maintenance for the homeowner.

Specifying or selecting the right decking material is no longer a challenge with Ekodeck composite decking products.