When the design of the Rod Laver Arena renovation was underway, its architect replaced the existing TGSI with polymer concrete Eigen PolyTac, which is available from Eigen Stones .

The advantages of using Eigen PolyTac as a TGSI include:

  • The ease of installation is most welcomed by the builder who can avoid boxing new concrete with formply during preparation or excavating old concrete / asphalt
  • A further advantage is that in the case of corner or edge lifting, it will never present itself as a tripping hazard due to attached dog-ears; the break-off part if ever occurs can be easily replaced by patching from cutting from a fresh piece of Eigen PolyTac TGSI. The cement based glue it uses is 100% compatible to concrete and asphalt
  • Eigen PolyTac is so flexible that it can be rolled up like a matt and yet it gives 40MPa compression strength when properly laid
Eigen PolyTac is currently the choice of stick down TGSI of several councils in Victoria including the Prestige City of Melbourne.