Low back tilt seat chairs from Effuzi International were chosen by architectural firm Warren and Mahoney for the public gallery at Wellington’s new Supreme Court. This is a building of particular significance to New Zealand as it will serve the country for at least 100 years. The Viva low back tilt seat chairs were upholstered in dark brown leather.

Prince William represented the Queen at the opening of the new Supreme Court building January 2010, which more than 1000 people turned out to. The prince was performing his first official duty for the Queen by opening the new Supreme Court, the permanent home for New Zealand's highest court replaces the London-based Privy Council.

The concept of the free-standing, visible courtroom acts as a metaphor for promoting ‘justice to be transparent and open’ and Judges preside at eye-level with legal colleagues and the public, encouraging an atmosphere of inclusiveness.

The new building is surrounded by a bronze screen depicting the strength, durability and stature of the Pohutukawa and Rata tree. The building has an environment that is uniquely ‘New Zealand’, and befitting of the highest court of the country.