Albany stadium seating from Effuzi International was selected at Manfeild Stadium, adding this venue to the list of satisfied customers already enjoying the benefits that Albany stadium seating has to offer.

The Albany chair has become the pacific’s solution to stadium seating. The gravity activated, tip-up plastic stadium seats are injection moulded in polypropylene and supported on a medium tensile, corrosion resistant steel frame and are attached by purpose designed site specific fastenings.

The stadium seating has been designed to withstand the dynamic loading of spectators weighing up to 120kg with appropriate safety factors.

Effuzi’s polypropylene plastic formulation has been balanced for colour stability and strength retention on the harsh UV conditions of the Pacific. The design of the stadium seating has been tested to ensure that the system will not fatigue in its useful life. The Albany Arena seat has no screw fixing of the plastic parts, the plastic/steel interfaces are press fitted sleeve joints that spread the loading over large areas. Effuzi’s unique flexing back was carefully researched to provide a balance of comfort, performance and flexibility, while maintaining strength.

Effuzi's Albany stadium seating is designed to use the most environmentally sustainable processes available. The main approach used in the design process is to reduce, which ranks at the top of the ecological sustainability scale ‘reduce, reuse, recycle. Albany stadium seating uses less amounts of raw material (steel and polypropylene) compared to similar products and all components of the stadium seating are recyclable.