Effuzi International has provided lecture theatre seating for the Creative Arts Building or Te Ara Hihiko, part of the College of Creative Arts (CoCA) at Massey University, Wellington.

The CoCA building features advanced seismic engineering, making it one of the most resilient buildings in the city.

Designed by Athfield Architects, the building is one of the first in the world to use a post-tensioned timber seismic frame, which flexes like a push-puppet toy during earthquakes. In production testing at the University of Canterbury, the key structural features of the building were found to withstand ground shaking and acceleration greater than that experienced in the Christchurch February 2011 earthquake.

The new building offers design students a proper architectural environment, incorporating spaces created with purpose that would inspire them to greater creative heights.

Effuzi takes the engineering of a building into consideration when designing and installing its products.