Ecotile Australia are introducing a new range of Anti-Static ESD flooring, manufactured by Forbo of Switzerland, to the Australian market.   

Colorex EC Plus flooring is an advanced flooring system specifically designed to control static discharge in sensitive areas such as clean rooms, operating theatres and the electronics industry. Not only does Colorex EC Plus provide a sophisticated technical solution, it is also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing any commercial premises.

Colorex EC Plus flooring is a high performance permanently conductive floor covering system that consists of loose lay tiles -  a key advantage is that there is no downtime and the floor can be put back in use immediately. The tiles connect to each other using a unique dovetailing system that remains hidden and are connected to earth with a copper strip.

Colorex EC Plus is compliant with IEC 61340-4-5 when combined with appropriate ESD boot straps from industrial to educational establishments.

Colorex EC Plus is one of very few ESD flooring products that comply with the strict requirements of these installations where safety of both equipment and personnel is critical.

Ecotile has been a specialist provider of anti-static ESD loose laid flooring in Australia for the past five years. Ecotile anti-static ESD flooring is currently in use in high profile establishments throughout Australia including the Australian and US defence and a number of major companies.