Colorex EC Plus, available from Ecotile Australia is a high performance permanently conductive floor covering system of dry laid tiles.

Ideal for installation in any commercial environment, Colorex EC Plus floor tiles can be laid on nearly every kind of subfloor, regardless of condition. In addition to providing an advanced technical solution, the conductive floor tiles are also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing any premises.

Each production batch of Colorex EC Plus is tested for electrical resistance. The tiles are free from volatile chemicals, ensuring permanent and stable conductive performance of the floor over its entire lifetime, regardless of changes in humidity and temperature.

Colorex EC Plus contains 15% post industrial recycled content, is manufactured using green electricity and is REACH compliant.

Colorex EC Plus is ideal for applications that do not have the luxury of expensive preparatory measures or downtime. Specific subfloor treatment and/or preparation is not necessary as long as the floor is reasonably level.

Colorex EC Plus high performance conductive floor covering system is suitable for installation in production areas and workshops, engineering labs, ESD protected areas, pharmaceutical and biotech industry, computer assembly/ repair rooms, dispatch centres, equipment rooms and government data centres.

Key features of Colorex EC Plus conductive floor tiles:

  • unique hidden dovetail connection system under the surface 
  • honeycomb structure on the underside suits damp/wet floor applications as it allows ventilation during use 
  • highly stain resistant for long-term maintenance of appearance 
  • complies with all ESD and clean room standards including the Fraunhofer Institute 
  • lifetime conductivity warranty guarantees optimal performance throughout product life 
  • dense construction provides a pore-free surface ensuring high hygiene 
  • low plasticiser content creates unique dimensional stability and prevents shrinkage 
  • low plasticiser also ensures low emissions and out gassing making it the right choice for clean rooms 
  • fully repairable surface extends the useful life of the product 
  • dense construction provides excellent resistance to heavy loads in commercial and industrial environments 
  • tile format suits raised access floor requirement in many commercial environments such as data centres and server rooms 
  • access ramps in grey are available for doorways and stand alone ‘island’ applications.