Sun-Mar mobile, a new waterless toilet especially designed for motor homes, is now available from Ecoflo Water Management . The Sun-Mar mobile toilet is ideal for small spaces and is slightly wider and longer than a regular toilet seat.

Ecoflo Water Management’s managing director, Stuart Elliott said that the Sun-Mar mobile toilet was the perfect solution for travellers who wanted to enjoy the freedom of the open road and self-sufficiency.

The Sun-Mar mobile is a self-contained, waterless toilet, where the waste is collected in a drum within the toilet unit and is biologically broken down. An electric fan is fitted to the toilet which aids the decomposition of the material. The Sun-Mar mobile toilet is odour-free.

Once the waste material is fully decomposed, it has a similar texture to soil and can be safely reused in gardens as compost. The benefit of this waterless toilet is that it does not require a sewer connection. The Sun-Mar toilet is easy to install and complies with Australian Standards 1546.2 for waterless toilets.