The new range of Nature Loo Excelet waterless composting toilets from Ecoflo Water Management can be installed in any bathroom, eliminating the prior need for the bathroom floor to be elevated.

These toilets are easy to self install in the home or shed, and in other applications such as small factories, fire stations, churches, wineries and mobile homes. Additionally, composting toilets are the ideal solution for home extensions or granny flats where the existing septic system is unsuitable for a new toilet due to location, distance and capacity.

As with any factory manufactured and approved composting toilet, the Nature Loo Excelet has no smell. Running and maintenance costs are minimal as the 12 volt 2 watt fan is all that is required to ensure there is no smell.

Depending on the frequency of usage, a typical Nature Loo Excelet will only require emptying once every 6 weeks when in full time use by 2 people.

More information on the environmentally friendly Nature Loo Excelet waterless composting toilets is available from Ecoflo Water Management.