Precision-machined, pre-finished tongue and groove solid bamboo flooring is available from Eco Flooring Systems - BT Bamboo . The bamboo flooring is supplied in vertical or horizontal construction that accentuates the natural beauty of bamboo.

By choosing a stunning blonde light sand colour or carbonated amber the bamboo floors will add a new dimension to the room. The look of the bamboo flooring can be enhanced by the coating choice. BT Bamboo flooring is available coated in gloss, satin or commercial finish.

Other aspects of BT Bamboo floors are also attractive from a designer's perspective. The bamboo floors are pre-finished, using tough seven-layer German coating systems that are as eco-friendly as the material itself. There are no messy fumes and no waiting for coats of varnish to dry, meaning there is little or no downtime for those that have a trading retail outlet. It also means that there is no need for the customer to move out of home if installing bamboo flooring.