A well-designed glass roof can improve a building’s thermal performance, but too often an uninformed choice in design or a lack awareness of options in the market leads to underperforming systems. In particular, operable glass roof systems are often overlooked in Australia due to cost and the lack of proven solutions. However, with the right knowledge and know-how, an effective glass roof system can be designed to support compliance with Passive House design principles and ensure a building delivers very high performance with ultra-low energy use.

A Glass Roof for a Passive House: Specifying Glass Roof Systems for Thermal Efficiency, Natural Ventilation and Smoke Control dispels any confusion and provides an essential guide to the key design elements of an effective glass roof system. We consider the state of current glass roof design, including issues associated with moisture management, followed by a discussion of the benefits of a well-designed glass roof system. We then provide a detailed look at the critical design elements of a high-performing glass roof system, covering such topics as regulatory requirements, Passive House certification, thermal performance, watertightness, automation and glass selection.

EBSA Pty Ltd is a leading Australian supplier of operable glass roofs, window automation and architectural glass louvres. Driven by a strong focus on sustainability, EBSA offers the latest in operable facade technology to deliver systems that make buildings breath. EBSA’s wide range of products and unrivalled expertise allow them to design, install and maintain the most sustainable solution for any project.

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