Industries like food processing and food production require daily hygienic cleaning and decontamination of equipment, production lines and conveyors. To complete such requirements, traditional cleaning methods such as scrubbing by hand and mopping require days of combined staff hours everyday.

Using high performance continuous 10 Bar Three (3) Phase steam generators and steam vacuums cleaners would be a more efficient means of cleaning and decontaminating for food processing facilities. Three phase industrial steam vacuum cleaners save time, reduce physical effort, water consumption and eliminates chemical use.

In Australia, Duplex Cleaning Machines exclusively supply a range of 6 Bar, 8 Bar and 10 Bar single (1) and three (3) Phase continuous steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners. The range is known as the JetVac range and industrial steam vacuums include the JetVac Maxi and JetVac Major 3 Phase. Smaller commercial steam vacuum include the JetVac Eco, JetVac Compact and JetVac Professional.

Duplex (3) Three Phase steam cleaners and steam vacuums produce 94% dry steam vapour under 10 Bar. Being 94% dry, there is little water content in the steam, which helps reduce water consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional methods. Continuously operated Duplex JetVac Major 3 Phase 10 Bar steam vacuum cleaning machines only consume 11Lt/h.

In addition to water saving attributes, the JetVac Major 3 phase industrial steam vacuum cleaner eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals. This is possible because temperatures of up to 190ºC clean and sanitise most surfaces on contact. Hazardous chemicals and physical effort are no longer required to decontaminate production lines and equipment.