The idea of halving cleaning time is every cleaners dream but it has always seemed somewhat of a myth. 

Duplex Cleaning Machines has unlocked the secret to floor cleaning 25 years ago through precision engineering and thousands of customers would testify that they are definitely not a pretender.

The new Duplex floor scrubber will reduce operating time as it simultaneously scrubs, washes, agitates, shampoos, dries, disinfects, polishes right up to the skirting and into the corners for a complete clean.

Greg, an M.B.A. Contract Cleaner said, “I did 20 rooms in 8 hours using the Duplex floor scrubber, 10 rooms in 20 hours using a hose and steam”.

Greg further says, “Duplex kills anything else I have used before and it is 50% quicker”.

Whether the floor surface be tile, Flotex, vinyl, profiled rubber, safety floor, timber, carpet, or natural stone the total cleaning solution provided by a Duplex floor scrubber makes it the world’s most versatile and effective all in one floor washer, scrubber and dryer.

This is possible through the innovative dual contra-rotating cylindrical brush design that actually washes, scrubs, extracts and dries all in a single pass.

Therefore, this single compact unit eliminates the need for mops, buckets, scrubbers, polishers, chemicals, and carpet extractors.