If you have ever worked in a commercial kitchen you'll know that cleaning commercial ovens like those in pizza shops, cafes, bakeries, and restaurants can be a tedious and tiresome task.

Now there is a new solution to cut oven cleaning times in half with high pressure steam cleaning.

It's not only the size of the commercial ovens that has made traditional cleaning hard work, but it's also the stubborn stains that get baked on. Because these commercial stainless steel ovens usually operate at extreme temperatures for hours on end anything that spills generally sticks.

Stains in commercial pizza ovens such as cheese and general grime were especially difficult to clean without the use of harsh chemicals. Now specialised Duplex Cleaning Machines dry steam cleaning equipment is available.

Utilising the power of steam cleaning to restore your commercial stainless steel ovens to state of cleanliness is a wise choice. Why? Because these ovens are where the valuable customer’s food is cooked using harmful and dangerous chemicals to clean may not be a wise decision.

Not only do Duplex steam cleaning products produce good results but they are also more efficient than oven cleaning chemicals. Steam will not cause stainless steel to fade or leave nasty odours in the air. Instead steam degreases and sanitises ovens instantaneously just using tap water.