Duplex Cleaning Machines  offer commercial steam carpet cleaners that facilitate fast cleaning and easy to clean, maintain. These commercial carpet cleaners can restore all types of short pile domestic and commercial carpets and are available in two compact sizes, 340 and 420.

Duplex Steam carpet cleaners are able to clean short pile loop, nylon, wool blend or impervious backed carpets like Flotex and are approved by many major commercial carpet manufacturers. The commercial steam cleaners can even be used for cleaning hard floors.

If operated in long laps, Duplex Steam commercial carpet cleaners can cut cleaning time in half and actually wash, steam, scrub and extract in a single pass. There is practically no set up time either. Simply plug in the Duplex steam cleaner, fill the solution tanks with water and start cleaning.

Duplex commercial carpet cleaners are easy to use thanks to a dual contra-rotating cylindrical brush design that results in feather-light, single handed operation with a high manoeuvrability. This unique design allows Duplex steam cleaning machines to clean right into the corners and to edges of skirtings in both directions. Better still, as the Duplex commercial carpet cleaner is operated in laps there is no back and forth pushing and pulling which eliminates back and should aches.

Duplex commercial carpet cleaners can reduce cleaning water consumption by up to 90% compared with hot water extractors and carpet shampooers. Duplex Steam commercial carpet cleaners also do not require the use of chemicals; just the action of pure water and dry steam is usually enough. For heavily soiled carpets only extra water and minimal low suds detergent may be required.

Duplex Steam commercial carpet cleaners are available in Australia through Duplex Cleaning Machines’ distribution network.