Dulux Protective Coatings  offer Weathermax HBR, a durable polyurethane coating, which is resistant to abrasions, UV and graffiti.

Applications of the Weathermax polyurethane:

  • Weathermax HBR is a high solids, two-pack polyurethane coating with a semi gloss to gloss finish.
  • Weathermax HBR is a graffiti resistant, chemical resistant and UV resistant polyurethane coating that provides high visual appeal and long-term colour and gloss retention.
  • When used as part of a high performance, corrosion resistant protective coating system (as per relevant sections of AS2312), Weathermax HBR offers extended durability to first maintenance, even in harsh coastal areas.
  • Weathermax HBR’s graffiti resistant property also allows spray-can graffiti to be easily removed with Dulux Graffiti Eraser.
  • Weathermax HBR is most suited to all types of external and internal exposed, decorative and structural steelwork.

Colours and Finishes

  • Weathermax HBR is available in AS2700 colours and the Dulux Colour Specifier system.


  • 4 litre and 15 litre kits.

General Advantages
Weathermax HBR is formulated for brush and roller application with excellent flow-out of brush-marks. The high solids content of Weathermax HBR allows higher builds to be achieved in fewer coats, making it the ideal maintenance top coat for all types of structural and decorative steelwork, as well as in-situ application for graffiti-prone public areas generally. For jobs that require faster turn-around time, a pre-measured dose of Weathermax HBR Accelerator can be added to halve the cure time without compromising pot life.