The 2015 Dulux Colour Forecast, aptly named Connection, explores the bonds between the earth, the people, their heritage and creativity in commercial spaces. Connection is represented in the form of four colour palettes, inspiring Australian design professionals to embrace colour.

The four Connection palettes Wildland, Silentshift, Modhaus and Earthwerks, range from the dark and moody to bright and bold, representing concepts associated with connecting, reconnecting and disconnecting in the real world.

The 2015 Dulux Colour Forecast follows the careful examination and analysis of trend forecasts from around the world through a process of collaboration between Dulux and leading design professionals Juliet Moore and Ben Edwards from architectural practice Edwards Moore, and Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie, textile designers and owners of Bonnie and Neil.

Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour Planning and Communications Manager explains that one of the most exciting elements of the Dulux Colour Forecast each year is the opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals from different fields of design.

Both Edwards Moore and Bonnie and Neil have taken the four colour palettes and delivered beautiful and inspirational examples of how colour can add an extra dimension to projects using some of the most on-trend colours.

Edwards Moore – Wildland and Silentshift

Past Dulux Colour Award winners, Edwards Moore are known for their passion for design and are driven by a belief in the art of architecture and influenced by the Australian landscape, organic references and moody colours to create the Wildland set.

According to Ben Edwards, Wildland illustrates a story through the contrast of light and dark – virtuous versus malevolent, a story of discovering the beauty in what nature has created and embracing its imperfections. The Wildland palette features colours that reflect untamed landscapes from the harshest ice terrains to the wildest forests and mountains, inspired by the most primitive of materials such as timber, stone, leather and fur, and allowing people to reconnect with their primal selves.

To evoke the Australian landscape and nature, Edwards Moore turned to colours such as Dulux Powdered Gum, Dulux Cascade Cove and Dulux Man Friday to personify Wildland.

Edwards Moore was also the creative force behind the Silentshift palette with their vision for the colours focused on creating another world to represent disconnection from the real world. In its soft colour palette, Silentshift uses simple curves and block colours in cosmetic hues to create ethereal spaces with a dreamlike quality, conducive to silent moments

Colours including Dulux Pink Marble, Dulux Voyager and Dulux Mud Berry are included in the palette to represent Silentshift’s aim to find a new balance between fast paced and slow living.

Bonnie and Neil – Modhaus and Earthwerks

Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie from Bonnie and Neil have merged their collective backgrounds in floristry, art, textiles, furniture and set design to bring Modhaus to life using one of their signature design styles of bright patterns.

Inspired by bold Dulux colours, shape and pattern, fashion and modern art, in particular the Memphis design of the 1980s, Modhaus, according to Bonnie is a playful approach to design, allowing reconnection with a time when there were fewer restrictions on creativity.

Modhaus uses contrasting colour blocks spliced between graphic patterns, often in black and white, against geometric shapes. Colours used in the Modhaus palette include Dulux Blue Surf, Dulux Hot Embers and Dulux Mineral Green.

Known for incorporating botanical motifs in their work, Bonnie and Neil created the Earthwerks set, drawing on greens and mineral hues to create spaces where imitated or real nature blends seamlessly with future interiors.

Neil explains that Earthwerks allows people to connect with nature on a more personal level. The natural theme ranging from earthy to plant tones is reflected in the Earthwerks palette using Dulux colours such as Dulux Havana, Dulux Canadian Pine and Dulux Becker Blue. 

Images: Dulux