Vitremela, a revolutionary micro-coating from Dry-Treat for acid-sensitive surfaces was used to protect a new Calacatta Marble kitchen benchtop at a project on the Gold Coast, Australia.

The client wanted to protect their beautiful new Calacatta Marble kitchen benchrtop, which like all marble, limestone and travertine surfaces, would be prone to acid damage (etching) caused by soda, wine, vinegar, lemon juice and many other acidic liquids found around the house.

Conventional impregnating sealers that protect similar surfaces against staining cannot safeguard against acid etching as they do not stop acidic beverages and foods from touching the stone.

The project required the sealer to be totally acid-proof without altering the original look of the surface; the sealed surface also needed to be easy to maintain with simple cleaning methods.

Based on these requirements, Dry-Treat’s Vitremela was selected for application. The cured coating was only approx. 100 microns, a fraction of the thickness of other coatings, and had superb clarity, helping to maintain the natural look of the marble surface.

A durable, glossy protective coating for hard surfaces, Vitremela is suitable for marble, travertine, limestone, polished concrete, engineered stone and other surfaces made from acid-sensitive material. Vitremela sealed surfaces are more heat resistant and 100% resistant to staining and acid etching, even from strong industrial acids.

Vitremela can be used indoors and outdoors on benchtops, table tops, bathroom vanities, splashbacks and floors in residential as well as commercial projects.