The Stain-Proof sealer by Dry-Treat was selected for application on a unique 9/11 memorial in Beverly Hills, California, USA to ensure long-term preservation as well as ease of cleaning and maintenance.  

The Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial Garden is a historic landmark that honours all those who lost their lives that day, and those devoted to keeping America safe.

The Memorial has been built with input and support from Beverly Hills fire-fighters, police officers, elected officials and city staff in addition to hundreds of hours of work by dedicated volunteers and generous donations from the community.  

Made using granite and basalt, the garden features a series of walkways leading to the memorial site, surrounded by benches and beautiful landscaping. Open to the public every day, the memorial garden attracts a significant amount of traffic and requires regular cleaning.  

Key requirements for the sealer included:   

  • High oil and water repellence for superior stain protection  
  • Longevity to eliminate regular costly and disruptive re-applications
  • Long-term retention of finish on the surface for presentation to the public  
  • Ensuring the slip resistance of the already smooth surfaces
  • UV resistance, as the monument is exposed to sunlight for many hours a day  
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of sealed surfaces, withstanding commercial alkaline cleaning chemicals and pressure washing

The Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial Committee approved Stain-Proof sealer as it met their specific requirements.

Key benefits of Stain-Proof stone sealers: 

  • Tiny sealing molecules penetrate much deeper into the pore system of the stone
  • Reactive molecules form a permanent chemical bond inside the material, creating a deep oil and water repellent barrier without altering the texture
  • Barrier provides stain protection, keeps water and water borne salts away from the surface and protects against unsightly efflorescence
  • Negligible effect to slip resistance
  • Not impacted by normal traffic and cleaning, making ongoing maintenance easier, quicker and cheaper 

Stain-Proof’s long term protection will help to preserve this beautiful and historic landmark for the coming generations.  

Stain-Proof sealer comes with a written 15-year performance warranty when applied by an accredited Dry-Treat Applicator.