A Dry-Treat sealer was used to seal the sandstone laid around a new harbour front home in Sydney’s Vaucluse to protect the surface against air-borne salts from the sea.

Builder Pimas Gale wanted to make sure the sandstone used around the front of the home and swimming pool was properly protected from the harsh effects of the marine environment. Simon Bailey of BTS Sealing was contracted to seal the sandstone in July 2004. 

Simon explained that the owners of the property just wanted a sealer that was going to keep the stone clean and with a minimum of maintenance. The owners were also very particular that the stone’s appearance did not change after the treatment, especially around the pool as some sealers can have a glossy finish and make the surface dangerously slippery.

Stain-Proof was chosen for its repelling properties against water and air-borne salts coming off the harbour and swimming pool. Leaf stains from the surrounding trees and other vegetation could also be cleaned off easily.

Two coats of Stain-Proof sealer were applied, with the result that the front of the home is now in top condition with a warranty to stay that way for 15 years.